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Weight management & wellness

At VLCC discover weight loss solutions and a therapeutic approach for beauty, fitness, and health.

Body shaping & contourning

After shedding quite a few pounds through weight loss techniques which include a diet, exercise or post-bariatric surgery, many people still have unsightly fat which remains visible on various parts of the body and can be visible in the form of a flabby stomach, excess skin around the arms and disproportionately wide thighs. VLCC Body & face shaping treatments work as the best solution to get rid of any accumulated fat.

Cellulite Reduction

VLCC offers you different procedures for cellulite reduction and elimination, each treatment is customised rightly to get the best results. Reduce orange peel appereance by breaking down stubborn fats and stimulate circulation.

Face & Body Toning & firming

Your body is already beautiful but sometimes it takes a little extra self-care to feel comfortable in your own skin. VLCC non-invasive treatments can contour your body and even tighten your skin.

Pain management

VLCC Pain Management is a very specialised programme that helps to relieve the pain and its complications which normally happens due to obesity and sedentary lifestyle.


VLCC integrated approach towards delivering weight loss, not only delivers expected results but also make it sustainable. From weight loss methods to therapeutic sessions VLCC has more than accomplished its Mission from day 1 in transforming the lives of men and women alike through beauty and wellness without adhering to the “one size fits all program.

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