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Hair Loss Solutions

From genetics, chemicals, undue stress to external factors, the reasons for hair fall are plenty. Either abruptly or over the course of a few years, everyone faces this issue and with time you might also notice thinning patches of hair or baldness. Preventive treatments are as important as reaching a later stage to notice thinning patches of hair or baldness. At VLCC, we create special treatments for all hair types to restore strength, vitality and try to determine the underlying cause of your hair loss.

Laser Hair Reduction

Laser is the easiest and quickest way to bid goodbye to all the unwanted hair, which has destroyed more than 100 hours of your life, shaving, waxing and tweezing. It will drastically facilitate hair reduction and make the skin soft and smooth. Our team of experienced and professional technicians will ensure you have a pain free experience. At VLCC, our priorities are safety, health and results. Our state-of-art laser technology is FDA Approved and a totally safe procedure. The patented technology is designed to protect the outer layer of the skin by decreasing the surface temperature, thus making the procedure highly comfortable. Besides this, the patented technology has a slight anesthetic effect which enhances the comfort level.


There are several causes that can speed up the aging process: the fast pace of modern living, unhealthy eating habits and stress. At VLCC, there are range of treatments that can help bring your natural glow back while making you look and feel younger as you return. Explore range of treatments to keep younger self.

Weightloss & Body Toning

Improve your energy level and physical appearance with weightloss and body toning program. VLCC specialized in 360-degree approach to weight management, body contouring, and fat reduction. Our team of experts such as Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Medical Doctor and Trained therapists, along with their experience and strong research-driven protocols will help to achieve the desired results.

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